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sorpvonolla | 17.08.2013 10:10

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Chootlyamah | 31.10.2013 03:43

Replica watches :Loved the item and it was exactly as depicted. Only down side of the transaction was a backorder lag through HDO Sports with no communication of this fact without a couple of emails sent their way. Such wonderful service, quick, prompt and no hassles! The product is wonderful and the sunglasses have become my absolute favorite pair! A++ I would definitely buy from them again!! :) Product exactly as described. I love this model of sunglasses as they are of classic style that is here to stay and offer superb eye protection.I returned the Original Wayfarer because the lenses were too large for my face. The yellow tortise is not as yellow as it appears in the photo.Sleek, genuine, and classy. I'm infatuated with my first pair as I wear them every chance I get; talk about a great deal when a pair like these are 30% off! Never thought I'd wear a wayfarer since I found it to be an unflattering style due to the shape of my face, but I think anyone is able to pull it off. 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Zermevala | 04.11.2013 08:04

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songrtv | 06.12.2013 05:08

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zhuzhan2o4 | 06.12.2013 16:14

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